12 Obscure Series On Netflix That Are Surprisingly mazing

In the vast ocean of content available on Netflix, there are hidden gems that often go unnoticed amidst the overwhelming wave of popular shows and movies. These underappreciated series deserve the spotlight, as they offer compelling narratives, outstanding performances, and captivating storytelling.

Whether you’re a fan of drama, comedy, thriller, or sci-fi, this article introduces you to twelve amazing series that have flown under the radar. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to discover some binge-worthy entertainment!

1. Derry Girls

Derry Girls is a delightful Irish sitcom that centers around the lives of four teenage girls and one English boy during the 1990s in Derry, Northern Ireland. The series artfully blends humor and heartfelt moments with the backdrop of The Troubles, a period of political conflict.

The show’s wit, charming characters, and coming-of-age themes make it an absolute delight to watch. It offers a unique glimpse into the lives of young individuals growing up in a politically charged environment.

2. Dark

Prepare to be immersed in the complex and enigmatic world of Dark, a German sci-fi thriller that redefines the time-travel genre. This mind-bending series spans multiple timelines and generations, revolving around four interconnected families in a small German town.

As the characters grapple with the consequences of time travel and hidden family secrets, the intricate storytelling keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Dark is a true masterpiece that rewards those who enjoy a thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating series.

3. Echoes

Echoes is a gripping psychological thriller that explores the concept of identity and the impact of one’s upbringing on their personality. The story revolves around identical twin sisters, Leni and Gina, who were separated at birth and raised in completely different environments.

When their paths cross, they embark on a journey to discover the truth about their past and the forces that shaped them. The series delves into the nature vs. nurture debate and keeps audiences engaged with its suspenseful plot twists and stellar performances.

4. Unsolved Mysteries

For fans of true crime and mysteries, Unsolved Mysteries is a must-watch series. This riveting documentary-style show delves into real-life unsolved cases, ranging from disappearances to paranormal encounters.

Each episode takes viewers on a journey filled with suspense, intrigue, and the quest for answers. The series not only captivates audiences but also helps raise awareness about unresolved cases that still haunt communities around the world.

5. Superstore

Step into the quirky and hilarious world of Superstore, a workplace comedy set in the fictional megastore, Cloud 9. The series follows the lives of store employees, each with their unique personalities and quirks, as they navigate the challenges of working in a retail environment.

Beyond the laughs, Superstore cleverly tackles social and economic issues, making it a well-rounded and entertaining watch that leaves audiences in stitches while offering food for thought.

6. The Watcher

If you enjoy spine-chilling thrillers, The Watcher will keep you on the edge of your seat. This limited series follows the lives of a married couple, Emma and Henry, who move into their dream home.

However, their lives take a dark turn when they begin receiving eerie and threatening letters from an anonymous stalker, known only as “The Watcher.” The show masterfully builds tension and suspense, making it an addictive and suspenseful viewing experience.

7. Good Girls

Good Girls presents a unique blend of comedy, drama, and crime. The series revolves around three suburban mothers, Beth, Ruby, and Annie, who find themselves in dire financial straits. To support their families, they venture into a life of crime, attempting to rob a local supermarket.

As they get entangled in the criminal underworld, the show explores themes of female empowerment, friendship, and the moral complexities of their decisions.

8. Alice in Borderland

Get ready for a thrilling and action-packed ride with Alice in Borderland, a Japanese sci-fi series. The story follows Arisu and his friends as they find themselves transported to an alternate Tokyo, devoid of people.

To survive, they must compete in dangerous and deadly games, each more challenging than the last. This intense series is a rollercoaster of emotions, combining elements of survival, mystery, and suspense.

9. The Midnight Club

Inspired by the novel of the same name, The Midnight Club is a touching and poignant drama set in a hospice for terminally ill teenagers. The show revolves around the nightly meetings of these young individuals as they share their fears, dreams, and desires.

The series beautifully explores themes of friendship, love, and the pursuit of happiness in the face of mortality. Prepare to be moved and emotionally invested in the lives of these inspiring characters.

10. Workin’ Moms

Workin’ Moms is a Canadian comedy that brilliantly captures the challenges and joys of modern motherhood. The series follows a group of working mothers as they navigate the demands of their careers, relationships, and parenthood. With its relatable humor and authentic portrayal of the ups and downs of balancing work and family, the show strikes a chord with viewers of all backgrounds.

11. Anne with an E

Travel back in time with Anne with an E, a heartwarming adaptation of the classic novel “Anne of Green Gables.” The series revolves around Anne Shirley, an imaginative and spirited orphan, who finds herself adopted by siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert.

Set in the picturesque town of Avonlea, the show beautifully captures the essence of the original story while exploring relevant themes of friendship, love, and self-discovery.

12. Midnight Mass

From the brilliant mind of Mike Flanagan comes Midnight Mass, a chilling and atmospheric horror series. Set on a secluded island, the show follows the arrival of a charismatic priest, Father Paul, whose presence brings about mysterious and unsettling events.

The series delves into profound themes of faith, redemption, and the supernatural, while offering a haunting narrative that lingers with viewers long after the credits roll.


There you have it, twelve outstanding series on Netflix that have flown under the radar but deserve your attention. Each of these shows brings something unique to the table, whether it’s the complexities of time travel, the thrill of solving real-life mysteries, the laughter and struggles of working moms, or the supernatural and spine-chilling encounters.

So, the next time you’re searching for your next binge-watching fix, consider giving one of these hidden gems a chance – you won’t be disappointed!

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