Japanese students are responsible for cleaning their schools. This daily ritual, known as "o-soji," fosters a sense of responsibility and instills discipline from a young age. 

The Art of Cleaning

As a mark of respect and cleanliness, students and teachers alike must remove their shoes before entering school buildings. This practice keeps the classrooms tidy and hygienic. 

No Shoes Indoor

Unlike many other countries, Japanese schools don't have a cafeteria. Instead, students bring their lunches from home, emphasizing family involvement in their daily lives. 

Lunchtime Arrangement

While we're on the topic of lunches, did you know that in some schools, students serve lunches to their peers? This fosters a sense of teamwork and gratitude for the effort put into preparing the meals. 

Unique School Lunche

Japanese schools often have committees led by students to handle various tasks, from organizing events to maintaining order. This system promotes leadership and teamwork skills. 

The Role of Committee

During "silent cleaning time," students clean their classrooms together in complete silence. It not only maintains a serene atmosphere but also encourages reflection and mindfulness. 

Silent Cleaning Time

Students greet not only their teachers but also the school staff, including janitors and security guards, with respect and gratitude. 

Greetings for Everyone

Each school day starts with a morning meeting, fostering a sense of unity among students and allowing teachers to address important matters collectively. 

Morning Meeting

Every morning, schools broadcast radio calisthenics, and students participate together, promoting health, unity, and a positive start to the day. 

The Power of Radio Exercise

In addition to removing shoes indoors, students have designated lockers for their school shoes. They change into indoor slippers upon entering the building. 

The Shoe Locker Ritual

The iconic "randoseru" are designed to last for six years of primary school, symbolizing durability and commitment to education. 

The Magic of "Randoseru" Backpack

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