6 Best Cheap Countries to Travel

Written By

Sagar Singh

Immerse yourself in Vietnam's vibrant culture, from bustling cities to stunning landscapes, all while enjoying affordable street food. 

1. Vietnam 

Experience the perfect blend of pristine beaches, bustling markets, and historic temples in Thailand without straining your budget. 

2. Thailand 

Explore Mexico's diverse attractions, from ancient ruins to picturesque beaches, offering an affordable blend of history and relaxation. 

3. Mexico  

Delve into Cambodia's captivating history and architecture, highlighted by the iconic Angkor Wat, while staying within your budget. 

4. Cambodia 

Enjoy the charm of Portugal's cities, coastline, and countryside without overspending, all in a beautiful European setting. 

5. Portugal 

Embark on affordable adventures in Nicaragua's volcanic landscapes, colonial cities, and tranquil lakeside retreats. 

6. Nicaragua 

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