6 Korean-Thriller Movies That Kept Us Hooked All Decade

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Sagar Singh

A chilling horror film where a police officer battles ancient folklore and supernatural forces in a village plagued by mysterious deaths. 

1. The wailing

An award-winning masterpiece, "Parasite" follows a poor family's infiltration into the lives of the wealthy, unearthing secrets that change everything. 

2. Parasite

In a gripping disaster thriller, passengers on an international flight must face a deadly airborne virus to ensure their survival. 

3. emergency declaration 

This psychological horror explores the haunting tale of two sisters and the dark secrets that lurk within their family. 

4. A Tale of Two Sister

A heart-pounding zombie apocalypse film set on a train, where passengers fight for their lives and humanity's survival. 

5. train to busan

A suspenseful survival story of two individuals trapped in a city overrun by zombies, testing their will to stay alive. 

6. Alive

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