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Sagar Singh

A symbol of opulence and power, the Palace of Versailles is a grand example of French Baroque architecture, featuring the famed Hall of Mirrors and breathtaking gardens. 

Palace of Versailles, France 

A vast complex of nearly 1,000 traditional Chinese buildings, the Forbidden City served as the imperial palace for centuries, showcasing exquisite wooden architecture and vibrant paintings. 

Forbidden City, China 

Nestled in Granada, the Alhambra mesmerizes with its Islamic splendor, adorned with intricate stucco work, colorful tiles, and serene courtyards. 

Alhambra, Spain 

As the official residence of the British monarch, Buckingham Palace is a neoclassical masterpiece in London, attracting tourists with the Changing of the Guard ceremony. 

Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom 

A blend of Islamic, Byzantine, and Ottoman styles, Topkapi Palace in Istanbul was home to Ottoman Sultans and boasts opulent rooms and the legendary Harem. 

Topkapi Palace, Turkey 

Perched at 12,000 feet in Lhasa, Potala Palace is a sacred treasure, once serving as the winter residence of the Dalai Lama, with stunning views and religious artifacts. 

Potala Palace, Tibet 

Overlooking the Neva River, the Winter Palace is a Baroque masterpiece, formerly housing Russian tsars and now hosting the renowned Hermitage Museum's vast art collection. 

Winter Palace, Russia 

A breathtaking Baroque masterpiece in Vienna, Schönbrunn Palace served as the summer residence of the Habsburgs, boasting ornate interiors and picturesque gardens. 

Schönbrunn Palace, Austria 

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