The Most Popular and Intriguing UFO Sightings 

Written By

Sagar Singh

One of the most famous UFO incidents in history, where an alleged UFO crashed, and the U.S. military initially claimed it was a weather balloon but later stated it was a surveillance balloon. 

1. Roswell Incident (1947) - Roswell, New Mexico, USA 

A series of massive V-shaped lights appeared in the sky, witnessed by thousands of people, including the governor of Arizona. 

2. The Phoenix Lights (1997) - Phoenix, Arizona, USA 

Suffolk, England: Also known as "Britain's Roswell," it involved sightings of unidentified lights in Rendlesham Forest near a U.S. Air Force base. 

3. Rendlesham Forest Incident (1980) - Suffolk, England 

Numerous sightings of large, triangular UFOs were reported by civilians, police officers, and military personnel. 

4. The Belgian UFO Wave (1989-1990) - Belgium 

While not a classic UFO sighting, this mysterious explosion in the sky is often associated with a UFO or meteorite impact that caused massive devastation. 

5. The Tunguska Event (1908) - Siberia, Russia 

Hundreds of witnesses, including students and teachers, reported seeing a flying saucer-shaped object over a school in Westall. 

6. The Westall UFO Incident (1966) - Melbourne, Australia 

Two Iranian Air Force jets engaged with a UFO, which demonstrated extraordinary maneuvers and emitted bright lights. 

7. The Tehran UFO Incident (1976) - Tehran, Iran 

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